MTBO World Ranking Event - 2 days | Šaštín-Stráže, Slovakia | April 28-29, 2012


Bulletin 3

World Ranking Event – Middle and Long Distance
(1st, 2nd round)

Accompanying events:

Slovak MTBO Championships 2012 - middle + long distance
Czech MTBO Cup 1st, 2nd round
Hungarian MTBO Cup 1st, 2nd round
Public MTBO Competition

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City of Šaštín-Stráže and Slovak Orienteering Federation, Junácka 6, Bratislava

Technical Realisation:

ŠK VAZKA Bratislava


28. 4. 2012 (Saturday) – Middle distance

29. 4. 2012 (Sunday) – Long distance

Event centre:

Gazarka resort for both days, marked from main road 500

GPS 48.628186,17.139294

Classification of races

Saturday, 28 April – World Ranking Event in middle distance, individual start

Sunday, 29 April – World Ranking Event in long distance, individual start

Slovak Championships will be announced for both days in these categories M -17, M -20, M 21-, M 40-, M 50-, W -17, W -20, W 21-, W 40- , only registered competitors in Slovak clubs will be rated. Minimum of three Slovak competitors in each category is required for awarding winners with medals and diplomas.


Friday 18:00 - 21:30 in event centre

Saturday 10:00 - 11:30 in event centre

Sunday 08:00 - 09:00 in event centre (only for competitors not participating in Saturday rac)

Start 00:

Saturday – 13:00 Middle distance, individual start

Sunday – 09:30 Long distance. Individual start


Parking area – event centre: 300 m

Event entre – start (Saturday): 2700 m, 0 m of climbing, blue-white ribbons, local road, there is a railway crossing twice, please pay attention

Start – map start (Saturday): 0 m

Event centre – start (Sunday): 2000 m, 0 m of climbing, blue-white ribbons, forest path

Start – map start (Sunday): 200 m, blue-white ribbons

Event centre - finish: 0 m – on the same place for both days

Course statistics:

Map exchange for Sunday race:

One map exchange for the following categories: M -20, W 21A, W 21E, M 21A, M 40A, Open Long

Two map exchanges for the following category: M 21E

Competitor will receive all maps at the start binded together. Maps will be marked based on sequence, e.g. W 21E – 1st map, W 21E – 2nd map. Map exchange will occur on the last control of the first map. The last control of the first map will be marked as a start on the second map with a triangle and order of controls will continue increasingly on the second map.


1st map: ∆ - 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 (map exchange)

2nd map: ∆ - 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 – 11 - finish

Each competitor is obliged coming to the finish with all maps, do not throw away maps in the woods. Violating of the rule will result is disqualification.

Radio control:

Saturday: control # 69 will be also a radio control for categories: M 21E (in 55% of the course) and W 21E (in 70 % of the course)

Sunday: control # 40 will be also a radio control for categories: M 21E (in 70% of the course) and W 21E (in 65 % of the course)

Refreshment point during race:

On Sunday there will be a refreshment point on control # 40 for following categories: M 21E (70% of the course), W 21E (65% of the course), Open Long (45% of the course), M50 a M21C a M40B (50% of the course)

Expected winning times:

According to IOF MTBO rules, MTBO rules in Czech republic, competition rules in MTBO in Slovakia – art. 10.9.

Technical control:

No competitor will be allowed to start without a cycling helmet and SI card fixed to the bike. Technical control will be provided for categories M-14, W-14 and open categories (Nabor, Open short, Open long) on the start.

Punching system:

SportIdent system. SI card rental on the registration, 1 EUR/day, in case of a lost or destruction penalty of 30 EUR will be charged.

Each competitor has to clear and check SI card before start. Race finishes with punching SI unit on the finish line. In case of a robbery/damage of SI unit, punch a control into the map. Do not forget to inform about such situation in the finish. Do not forget to read your SI card righ after the finish.

Categories Nabor, Open Short, Open Long with open starting time will have their own starting corridor and will start after punching Start unit.


Saturday – Lásek 1:15 000, e 2,5 m, for MTBO, format of A3 or A4

Sunday – Lásek 1:15 000, e 2,5 m, for MTBO, format of A3 or A4

The map is not waterproof.

Terrain :

mostly flat, several undulating parts with short and steep ups and downs, sandy ground, high density of tracks and paths. In the forest there are ongoing forest activities, timber production, etc., which may result in change of paths clasification, such changes may not be updated in the map.

Mandatory passage in the map:

Will occur for following categories on Saturday race shortly before finish: W 21E, M 21 E, M 21A and M-20. It will be marked with red-white ribbons and road cones in the terrain

Forbidden areas:

Riding on road crossed with red line is forbidden as well as crossing meadows (dark yellow color on map) or entering private areas (dark green color on map).

Riding out of tracks is forbidden, you may carry your bike 20 cm above ground level. Competitors shall not leave his/her bike.

Common rules to be obeyed: riding on right side, overtaking from left side, competitor in downhill has right of a way. Violating of any rule will be punished with disqualification. Mashalls will monitor obeying of all rules in the forest.

Time limit:

Saturday: 120 min.

Sunday: 200 min.

Finish closure:

Saturday : 18:00

Sunday: 17:04

Starting bibs:

For all categories, same for both days


In written form handed to the main referee with fee of 10 EUR.


Jury members will be announced in the event centre


Updated in event centre, oficial results on and in results bulletin including

Prize giving ceremony:

– 18:00 in event centre together will prize giving ceremory of the overall Slovak Cup in MTBO for 2011. Prize giving ceremony will be associated with banket and life music and raffle of a trip to Bibione for 4 person (for Slovak competitors), honored by CK Satur

– 15:00 open races and all categories except elite in event centre
– 16:00 W21E-, M21E-

First three competitors will be awarded with material prizes.

First three competitors in categories of Slovak Championships will be awarded with medals and diplomas.

Bike washing:

In event centre with buckets and brushes. It is stricktly forbidden to wash your bikes in lakes!

Bike guard:

There will be a possibility to store bikes in a locked room in camping for competitors accomodated there. Camping area will be guarded, however we encourage you not to leave your possessing unguarded. Eah cabin has a small kitchen where bikes can be stored.

Accomodation in cabins in camping:

We encourage you to bring sleeping bags and warm clothes or handly heating with you. Cabins are not heated and it may get cold during the night. Bed clothes will be provided.


Refreshment stands in the event centre and nearby restaurants.

In the finish for both days the refreshment from A-ONE Nutrition, water from McCarter on Saturday and juice from McDonald’s on Sunday.


Breakfast will be available in the meeting room in Gazarka resort for competitors who ordered this meal in application form .

On Saturday between 8.00 and 10.00 a.m. On Sunday between 07.00 and 09.00 a.m.


1 € per day, please follow the instructions of organizers

First Aid:

In the event centre


Available in the event centre. On Saturday between 12:30 – 16:30 and on Sunday between 09:30 – 13:30.


The competition are is popular touristic destination, pay attention to the tourists. Also cars can be seen in the surroundings of garden area. In the competition area there are many rectangular crossroads, pay attention when crossing.

The competition area is a part of Protected Landscape of Zahorie, it is strictly prohibited to enter prohibitted areas. Violenting of rules will result into disqualification.

Selling booths:

In the event centre – selling booths of following trademarks: A-ONE Nutrition; and  Haven with bike components and bike servise Koliesko.


Cycling helme tis compulsory!

Organizers are not responsible for any damages caused during or after the competition. Each competitor is competing on his/her own will and on his/her own risk and is responsible for his/her health conditions.

Organizing committee:

Event director: Miroslav Lago,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , +421 905 547612

Course setter (Saturday): Mikuláš Šabo

Course setters (Sunday): Peter Mlynárik, Stanislava Fajtová

Main referee, National advisor: Marian Kazík

IOF and Czech Cup advisor: Jan Urban